Hiatus, Hibernation, and Superheroes

Arielle here, writing from Golden, where it’s 60 degrees and thusly we have no excuse for winter hibernation.

Which is what we’ve been doing. For the past month. 



I know.

But I have good news. It’s 2014, and we’re back!

Now for some other tidbits. Recently I was asked, by a cycling organization in a land far, far away from our fair city, to come up with THE BEST marketing plan for adult bike education classes. How would I convince people who are probably angry about cycling and sunshine and happiness and unicorns that they SHOULD be into all of those things?



[Image via]

Oh, this was difficult. I had to think about it. For a LONG time. 

I pictured myself being heckled by a man resembling the one in the photo below. [See Figure 1, Angry Man]


[Figure 1: Angry man. Image via]

And then I had an idea.


[Illustration by Mike Joos, image via]

Biking gives you superpowers! Like, not the ability to fly and destroy buildings and stuff — more like everyday superpowers. Feeling good about yourself, beating crosstown traffic, making spandex look not so not-cool. Etc. 

And so, one fateful day, I dragged a few friends out to help illustrate my point. Here’s what we came up with:







Stunning, no? I was trying to communicate the idea that biking can play a role in transforming out everyday lives for the better. 

What do you think? If you don’t bike, does this make you want to give it a try? If you do, what’s your everyday superpower?


Will This Tattoo Turn Me Into a Hipster?

I’ve been contemplating getting a new tattoo. And, as a life long cyclist and advocate for bicycling in general, I’d like the tattoo to have a bike theme. It is at this junction that I stumbled upon this image:

Now it just so happens that I have a truly awesome cat. When I got him I never even imagined I could like an animal so much. He’s got personality, pazazz and charm. So it started to make more than a little sense that I should get a tattoo of my cat riding a Penny Farthing.

One problem: That tattoo would give me instant Hipster Cred. Now the bicycle in the tattoo would be a Penny Farthing and not a Fixie (the preferred bike of choice of the New Age Urban Bohemian) but I’m not keen on the idea of the label being given to me. The key to the problem is the idea that the tattoo would be perceived as “hipter-ish.” Why? The whole problem with hipsters is that here’s group of people trying to be unique to stay ahead of the cool/fashion/culture curve yet they all end up following trends and looking ironically alike despite carrying an attitude that suggests otherwise. A cat riding a Penny Farthing has the perception that I’m trying to be different when really it’s not that far from a tattoo of a dolphin smoking out of bong:
One of the components of the hipster culture is the bicycle, Fixie or otherwise. What kind you get, how you choose to use it and any accoutrements you want to add to go with it (cat + Penny Farthing tattoo) remain unique to the individual even if that individual is being affected by the culture they are surrounded by. So, to hell with it, I don’t care what people think of that tattoo, I love it and maybe I’ll get it inked on as a Christmas present to myself. But I will say one last thing: the difference between me and a true hipster is that I know this tattoo will not make me cool or be in and of itself unique. It will just be a permanent image that reminds me of two of my favorite things.

Who We Are

Zolton Torpedo is on his iron steed every single dang day. Having never owned a car in his 36 years he saves $10,000 a year which allows him to buy more unicorn sweaters,  coffee and gluten-free snacks. Since moving to Denver from Michigan 3 years ago he’s enjoyed riding the streets at night re-enacting episodes of Nightrider with his trusty Yokoda road bike and exploring foothill mountain roads with his specially made “Dr. Phil Y Gee’s Blue Frankenstein.” He works at the Bike Depot, a place where dreams come true and where bicycles are resurrected to roll on the Earth yet again.


Arielle commutes from Golden to Denver almost every day. That’s 20 miles a day! That’s like 7,300 miles a year! Dang.

Arielle is somehow the owner of four and a half bikes in various stages of decay, but usually she gets around town on her (t)rusty commuter and touring ride — a green Bianchi Volpe. Prior to launching this blog and doing a bunch of other stuff, she rode her bike from Richmond, VA to come home to Golden.

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