Hiatus, Hibernation, and Superheroes

Arielle here, writing from Golden, where it’s 60 degrees and thusly we have no excuse for winter hibernation.

Which is what we’ve been doing. For the past month. 



I know.

But I have good news. It’s 2014, and we’re back!

Now for some other tidbits. Recently I was asked, by a cycling organization in a land far, far away from our fair city, to come up with THE BEST marketing plan for adult bike education classes. How would I convince people who are probably angry about cycling and sunshine and happiness and unicorns that they SHOULD be into all of those things?



[Image via]

Oh, this was difficult. I had to think about it. For a LONG time. 

I pictured myself being heckled by a man resembling the one in the photo below. [See Figure 1, Angry Man]


[Figure 1: Angry man. Image via]

And then I had an idea.


[Illustration by Mike Joos, image via]

Biking gives you superpowers! Like, not the ability to fly and destroy buildings and stuff — more like everyday superpowers. Feeling good about yourself, beating crosstown traffic, making spandex look not so not-cool. Etc. 

And so, one fateful day, I dragged a few friends out to help illustrate my point. Here’s what we came up with:







Stunning, no? I was trying to communicate the idea that biking can play a role in transforming out everyday lives for the better. 

What do you think? If you don’t bike, does this make you want to give it a try? If you do, what’s your everyday superpower?