The bike week in review

Stories from across the World Wide Web.


“Nature’s balaclava.” Image via

An unlikely cyclist discovers the rewards of bike commuting when he makes a pledge to retire his car for a year.

Heidi Lappetito pedals her cargo bike while making a delivery of frozen salmon into Port Townsend, Wash. Nearly all deliveries of the wild Pacific salmon

Cargo bikes are the new minivan!

An artist uses Google Maps to plan hydra-shaped rides. We want to do this in Denver!

Mayor Hancock is making more appearances on the bike scene — earlier this week he spoke at a Manual High School ceremony where high-achieving and hard-working students were given bikes to celebrate their efforts.DSC_0044

Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor Bogotá, Colombia, has a new Ted Talk that’s well worth watching.  Peñalosa is credited with vastly improving infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, expanding the city’s now famous Ciclovía, and generally making Bogotá a better place to work, live and play.

Check Bikenomics, Elly Blue’s new book on how bicycling can fix our economic woes. We haven’t read it yet — have you?

Jeffco gets feedback on a plan to create a bike lane along West Bowles Avenue.


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