The bike week in review

Last week’s bike stories from Denver and beyond.

The Denver Bicycle Café is two years old! And they had a rocking party to celebrate last weekend!

SF Streetsblog has a good feature on the gentrification paradox, the phenomenon of residents opposing city improvement projects (like installing bike lanes, good sidewalks, and public transportation) out of fear that the rent in their neighborhoods will increase as a result. What do you think? Do Denver’s new bike lanes  pose a gentrification paradox?

Denver School of the Arts kids know that it’s important to keep your brain safe – they all wore helmets to school last week to support a classmate who suffered a head injury after a skateboard accident.

In Portland, every day is walk and bike to school day: Streetfilms reports that rates of kids walking to school in the Oregon city are up 25 percent since 2006.

Bike Rumor has an interview with a founder of the Fort Collins-based Boo Bikes, on his team’s approach to building bamboo bikes.

Tina Fey roasts angry NYC cyclists at the Natural History Museum gala:

Hey, bike people, what are you so angry about? Nobody made you ride a bike! Also, where are you going in such a hurry, that you’re going there on a bike? If you’re an emergency heart surgeon going to an emergency on your bike, don’t curse at me. Just yell, like, ‘Heart surgeon!’ and I’ll move.

The New York Times reports on the sixth cycling fatality in London in two weeks, and a proposal to ban large trucks during peak traffic times.


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