Top Ten Reasons Why Biking in Denver is the Shizzle

1. Cherry Creek and South Platte Trails: Seriously, a bazillion miles of In-City biking without having to deal with car traffic is beyond rad.


2. Sunny Old Sun: Yeah, the 300 days of sunshine a year thing is a bit of a myth, but Denver does have a mild climate and, yes, the sun always seems to be out which means clear roads, happy moods and miles to ride before we sleep.

3. You want flat, you get flat: For the uninitiated, Denver is not a mountain town, it’s a prairie land sorta place. So make like a high plains drifter and hop on your bike horse; The pedalin’ is easy and so is the livin’.

4. You want mountains, you get mountains (you sick bastard): You want to ride your bike uphill for two straight hours? Just look to the west young wo(man); there are some choice road and mountain climbs that will leave you breathless and make your legs tingly and numb.


5. Tour de Fat: Sure it’s only once a year but how many times do you get to bike next to two guys dressed like Oompa Loompas riding a tandem, then get to walk around bare foot in the grass drinking great beer, listening to hippie indie music while watching circus performers? Yeah, this is it.


6. Denver is the new Portland (only better): More bike lanes are coming, more people are riding, more bike shops are opening, and more 20-something poor mid-westerners are flocking here without cars itching to throw a leg over a bicycle saddle.


7. The Start of the Bike Revolution: Denver’s bicycling heart is beginning to beat loudly and the rough and tumble early days are being replaced by the raw, exciting Movement, when eyes are being opened  and pedals are being pushed with child-like abandonment.

8. B-cyles be bitchin’: First large-scyle municipal bike sharing system in the United States. Check. Over 100,000 users since March of this year. Yeah, dig it.

9. Spice of Life: Denver doesn’t discriminate; This is the place where matching spandex clad roadies, full suspension riding mountaineers, skate park and dirt jumpin’ BMX slashers, mustachioed fixie hipsters, and suit and tie commuters all share the same road.

10. Opportunity Abounds: Volunteer at the Pro Cycling Challenge, take part in Viva Streets, join up with a bike non-profit, jump in an Alley-Cat race, ride in the Denver Century or the Triple By-Pass, take a mechanics class at the Bike Depot. Do it, do it now!


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