Who We Are

Zolton Torpedo is on his iron steed every single dang day. Having never owned a car in his 36 years he saves $10,000 a year which allows him to buy more unicorn sweaters,  coffee and gluten-free snacks. Since moving to Denver from Michigan 3 years ago he’s enjoyed riding the streets at night re-enacting episodes of Nightrider with his trusty Yokoda road bike and exploring foothill mountain roads with his specially made “Dr. Phil Y Gee’s Blue Frankenstein.” He works at the Bike Depot, a place where dreams come true and where bicycles are resurrected to roll on the Earth yet again.


Arielle commutes from Golden to Denver almost every day. That’s 20 miles a day! That’s like 7,300 miles a year! Dang.

Arielle is somehow the owner of four and a half bikes in various stages of decay, but usually she gets around town on her (t)rusty commuter and touring ride — a green Bianchi Volpe. Prior to launching this blog and doing a bunch of other stuff, she rode her bike from Richmond, VA to come home to Golden.

welcome home


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